Public Notice



That’s Correct: We are constantly being asked for support from people after buying ‘Pre-Loaded Kodi Boxes’ supplied with our Build. If you have purchased a device from someone that is claiming to be us please go get your money back from whoever it is you’ve given your money to. We are, have been, and always will be free for you to use our work. We will not give you first class customer service if you experience issues or problems but will try to help as and when we can. If you have come here Because you want to ditch your ‘Expensive Sky TV’ and want the exact same service for free then you are deluded. We try our best to offer you the home comfort in terms of feeling and looking like the real deal but as with how Kodi works and it’s natural limitations it will always be clunky and sometimes difficult to fix if you do not have a clue about the basics of Kodi.


What Basics Are Essential For Using Kodi?

  • Installing, Removing & Updating Add-ons.
  • Adding, Removing, Editing & Finding Repos.
  • Adding, Editing, Removing Links From iVue TV Guide.
  • Removing & Changing Themes.


What If You Don’t Know How To Do These Basics?: Go find out, There is lots of information on the Kodi Wiki or check on Youtube (such as the official iVue YouTube channel). If you cannot find your answers on there then Google is your best friend. Still to this day I rely on Google when I am stuck on coding or need to know the latest repo for an add-on. Go empower yourself!