What has happened?

It was only 3 weeks ago we released our new looking site but due to the sheer drain it was having on our servers we have had to say goodbye to it. But don’t panic, things are just as good with our sleek new looking site. We have also unlocked a few of our old posts from last year, when we first started back in August 2016 (mad to think how fast time flys). For old times sake, go have a look at our progress from our first preview shot posted on the 5th of August See Here showing what was to become a world class build in its humble beginnings. You can see at what point during our development thieves have taken our build as they will look identical to either this version of our build or our later release when we renumbered back down to version 1.0.1.


A year is a long time and we have moved on further than would have ever been expected back then with an average visitor once every 3 days. Yes, we literally had 2 people a week look at our website back then and now look at us, we can’t get a server powerful enough to keep up with you all. But thank you for making this journey one remember and hopefully, we have many more years of success bringing you improved and better builds and skins. If you do appreciate our hard work and want to help out, why not donate to us? If money’s an issue then our ads on this site pay us for clicks, it’s not large amounts but it all adds up. We hopefully can sort out a partnership with a fellow Kodi site to allow for VPN referrals to allow you to click through from a link we will provide and sign up and enjoy the service you would have paid for anyway but by doing it through a link we provide means the VPN company will pay us for recommending you.


Enough chit chat, crafting this Sky Q build won’t magically happen. If you find any issues on the site, maybe we missed something in our swift change over, please let us know. Thank you for your time and I hope you continue to enjoy our work.


PS. we will be uploading a bunch of screenshots from the SkyQ build for you to feast your eyes on later tonight. Stay Tuned.