If you are suffering from this issue their are two possible causes.

Issue One

First is the iVue servers may be overloaded and without a personal login (if you are using the temp login) the server will not give your device the data needed to see the program listings.

To Fix

Go to the iVue Facebook page and request a login, they could take up to a week to respond with a personalised login but once received go into Extras, Settings, Add-ons, My Add-ons, Programs and find iVue. Select and go across to Config, Account and then enter all you new login details and then try launching iVue Guide again.

Issue Two

A downloaded file is corrupt or missing, this can be down to multiple reasons but eill normally happen on a fresh install.

To Fix

Open iVue TV Guide and ‘Click Back’ to open up the exit menu, from here select ‘Soft Reset’ and then relaunch the Guide.