Channels don’t load from Tv Guide, or creating an error.

Issue One

iVue Guide is out of date and needs updating, their are a few issues that can arise from updating so you will need to do more than just hit update.

To Fix

Go to Extras, Settings, Add-ons, My Add-ons, Program Add-ons, iVue Guide, Update and allow it to update. Once completed you now need to reinstall our Guide skin. Use the following Guide to reactivate the Sky Guide Skin.

iVue TV Guide Sky Skin

Issue Two

The linked add-ons have updated leading to the saved information not linking up correctly, when launching a channel it will show the available add-ons but on selecting the add-on it’ll fail to launch and often shows an error.

To Fix

Launch iVue TV Guide and ‘Click Back’ Select ‘iVue Creator’ then select ‘Update All Add-ons’ now you need to soft reset to let the changes take effect. Go back to the TV Guide and ‘Click Back’ select ‘Soft Reset’ and now relaunch the Guide and it should all be fixed.