Learn how to use the planner section on our SkyHD build, including adding and removing programs and film/movies.

How To Add Programs To The Planner

First you need to find the program or film/movie you wish to add to your planer, once found click the button with 3 lines on it or if on a computer press ‘C’ then select ‘Add To Super Favourites’ click ‘Super Favourites’ and click ‘Add’. Now go check out your planner and your new addition should be there.

How To Remove Items From The Planner

To remove programs or films from the planner go to the planner, find the item you wish to remove and click the button with the 3 lines on it (If on a computer press ‘C’) and select the bottom option (Super Favourites) and then select ‘Remove/Delete’. Now it should be no longer in the planner, this may sound a little long winded but it’ll become quick and easy the more you practice doing this.

How To Move Around The Programs Inside The Planner

If you need to move the programs around inside the planner for what ever reason then to do so follow the following. Go to the program you wish to move, press the button with the 3 lines on it (if on computer press ‘C’) select ‘Super Favourites’ and select move ‘Up’ or ‘Down’ and repeat to get the Programs to how you wish them.