A Small update to remove the Festive Snowflakes and the Kodi Logo from the top left of the screen. I am still aware of the Youtube error that shows up but need to figure out the reason its showing and how to get around the error. We also will be taking a look at an iVue skin for our next update but we have no dates as of yet due to lack of time.


For instructions on how to install and set up the skin Click Here!


On a separate note, we have updated our donations page to make it look sleeker and also offer you guys a way to support us without donating if you are strapped for cash. You can check it out here. Please don’t forget we do rely heavily on donations to be able to keep our server up and running as Adsense is not providing us with much income as of late.


We hope you all had a Merry Christmas and enjoy the New Year!