This is an old version and is no longer available, please click here to see the latest version of our SkyHD Build

As part of our streamlining you will notice that with each update our builds get bigger and better but at the same time they loose their need to be separated into 3 separate builds. SkyHDFree and SkyHDUltimate will move forward while leaving behind our Basic build. I have seen videos on YouTube of people informing viewers that our basic build is our only free to use build. This is not true, the only build which if you wished to use it to its full potential would cost you would have been our Ultimate build. Our Free build is free, you just simply need to get a login from the creators of the TV guide to use it without issue.


iVue TV Guide

iVue2.0 TV Guide


What’s in the update?

We’ve added and added. After reading through alot of the messages we get, it’s obvious that there were simply not enough addons for you folks, so we have added a chunk of new addons including Sportsdevil, Zem, Maverick, Project D (this addon will be used more in a future update to link you through to all the sporting VoD). We’ve also updated to iVue2.0 although it’s still a bit messy you shouldn’t have any issues using it and hopefully you will enjoy the easy linking of channels.




A new reworked settings menu with a shortcut to filemanager


As well as adding a handful of Add-ons We’ve also reworked the settings, Placing a settings shortcut in the ‘Extras’ section and placing a shortcut to the ‘File Manager’ within the settings screen. We’ve reworked how the background shows up on certain pages as it looked odd so have used a blank ‘Sky’ background to make the skin look more complete. as normal the power bar can be accessed from the homepage but clicking down and down to bring up the power bar to allow you to ‘Quit’ ‘Restart’ & ‘Shut Down’ Kodi. You may notice we’ve removed the ‘Settings’ & ‘File Manager’ from this menu to give the whole build a sleeker look. If you need help or can’t figure something out then please contact us on our Facebook page and we will get back to you as quick as we can.


File Manager

Our new sleek looking Filemanager screen


We’ve also had a big run through of all the images in the build and reduced their size to hopefully help give all of you on lower powered devices a slightly smoother experience.


Add-on Browser

Browsing all installed addons


As per usual if you come across any issues or bugs please let us know so we can iron them out for next time.


Extras Section

Extras Section

The Extra Section with new addons


A big thank you to all those who have donated to us, it makes a big difference and also allows us to put more time into this business, we will never charge for our work but it is very difficult maintaining servers and finding the time to work on our builds without any extra income.


Live Sports Sub Section

Sports sub section with live Sports Channels