This is an old version and is no longer available, please click here to see the latest version of our SkyHD Build


Not long now until our SkyHD v3 Skin will be released for you to test yourselves. This version will come with StealthStreams and iVue guide installed and will simply require your username and password for both. As well as these extra add-ons this build progresses further towards completion than our SkyHD v1 Build although all builds will eventually contain the same base build just with different add-ons for each version. I have taken some up to date screenshots of the build for you to have a look over and to see how it progressing.

  • Here is the Home section, made to look and feel as much as the standard Sky HD design whilst still remaining fast and effective.SkyHD v3 Home
  • This is a Screenshot of the ‘Catch Up TV’ section. I have found a way to provide All 4 (Channel 4 OD) and My 5 (Channel 5 OD) although testing does need to be done to make sure these are acceptable.SkyHD v3 Catch Up TV
  • Here is the ‘TV Box Sets’ section, a simple link straight to exodus to allow an effortless but functional section.SkyHD v3 TV Box Sets
  • Here is the ‘New Movies’ section. a link straight to ‘exodus’ Latest Movies, this may change as the build progresses but for now, I feel this is fine for usability.SkyHD v3 New Movies
  • This is the ‘Extras’ section, a simple link straight to video add-ons.SkyHD v3 Extras

Just in case you need to know, the Planner section goes to your videos if you have any on your system, the Kids section and Sports section are not completed yet and are simply a list of relevant streams from Phoenix.