Build Preview

Take A Look Through These Screenshots

  • Splash Screen – A clean looking splash screen (Loading screen) you will see everytime you load into Kodi with this build active. Your version number will show up on here along with a few other places in the build for us to be able to help you when you have issues with our builds.
  • Home Screen – Here is our famous looking home screen you will be presented with once the build is installed, it features 8 visible sections to make it quick and easy to access the content you want. There is a power menu which can be accessed by pressing down and down on your controller to be able to quit Kodi without causing issues.
  • TV Guide – A fully customized iVue TVGuide skin to incorporate it into part of the build, yes it is an incredible skinning job we have done on this addon to create the feeling of it being just another part of the build. As this is iVue it is robust and very stable. You should find this part of the build to work straight out the box and should not need much tweaking unless you are adding a paid IPTV service into it.
  • The Planner – What started out as a wild suggestion from one of our users has been turned into an incredibly easy to use and functional feature of the build. You can add programs and films to this section for quick access later on. Maybe you’ve been watching a series and want to be able to quickly jump back in, here is the answer.
  • Catch up tv – Here you will find 16 of the most popular on-demand platforms including BBC iPlayer, itv Hub and All4 so you’ll never have to worry about finding that program you missed again. This is one of our incredible original ideas that to-date, no other Kodi build will offer you.
  • Movies & Box Sets – These two sections are very simple to explain, one has Movies in it and the other has TV shows. You will have a huge choice of what to watch and to help you narrow down your search you can use the search function. If you just want to be one of the sheep you can always look in what people are currently watching and find some amazing content which you may have otherwise missed.
  • Kids Section – Fed up of hearing the kids moan there is nothing to watch? Here is your answer, just turn your box on, boot up Kodi and click on the Kids Section and you can live in peace for the next 5 minutes. In this section, you find all their favorite networks as well as a section for Kids Movies in case you need to find a movie suitable for them as well.
  • Sports Section – This is it, just what you’ve come here for. The Sports Section is home to a live sports channel link to allow you to find the channel you want to watch as well as a couple of On Demand Categories including Formula 1, Football and WWE.
  • Extras Section – A section for all the bits and bobs that don’t have a home in the rest of the sections. Here you will find all the add-ons you require and also a shortcut into the settings menu where you can do settings things.

How To Install

Follow This Guide To Be Setup ASAP
To install this build navigate your way to ‘File Manager‘ and select ‘Add Source

  1. Enter into the box labeled
  2. Now name the source, we recommend calling it ‘MrKnowItAll‘ for simplicity.
  3. Click ‘Done‘ and now go back to your home screen.
  4. ON Kodi 16 or earlier: Select SYSTEM > Add-Ons
  5. Select ‘install from Zip file‘ and choose the ‘MrKnowItAll‘ source you’ve recently selected and select ‘Build.SkyHD.Jarvis
  6. Wait a few seconds for it to install and now back out to the ‘Add-Ons‘ menu and select ‘My Add-Ons
  7. Scroll down to ‘Video Add-Ons‘ and select and click on ‘Sky HD‘ and click ‘Open
  8. Allow it to download all the necessary files (may take up to 10 mins)
  9. Once complete it will prompt you to ‘force close Kodi‘ to do this on windows simply click ‘Ok‘ but on android, you will need to exit yourself. You can either pull the power (Easiest method) or press the home button, go into settings and applications, find Kodi and force stop.
  10. Thank you for choosing us for your build and don’t forget to stay up-to-date to make sure you keep your build running smoothly.

Change Log – SkyHD By
—REMOVED—Removed WolfpackRemoved Project DRemoved BOBRemoved ExodusRemoved Gobble GobbleRemoved PhoneixRemoved TV Player
—-ADDED—-Added CovenantAdded TVCatchUp.comAdded DeliveranceAdded Motors Replay

—UPDATES—Updated FreeviewUpdated Maverick
—FIXES—Fixed All Catch Up TV LinksFixed All Movie ShortcutsFixed All Boxsets ShortcutsFixed Sports SectionFixed Factory Restore Link
—Known Issues / Bugs—
\/\/\  Please Report Any Unlisted Issues / Bugs Via Our Website  /\/\/

————————1.0.7——————————NO NOTES————————1.0.6——————————NO NOTES————————1.0.5——————————NO NOTES————————1.0.4——————————NO NOTES————————1.0.3——————————NO NOTES————————1.0.2——————————NO NOTES————————1.0.1——————————New Release / New Version Numbers