Welcome to the end of a long struggle, we have finally managed to get this released for all of you to enjoy. We have made changes to more than just our SkyHD builds though, firstly we have given the website a huge makeover including a new logo and image, we have streamlined a lot of pages and tried to make it more user-friendly. Let us know how you feel about the changes, do you like it or loathe it?


Second change which although small it does make a huge difference. We have moved the repo onto our own server means that we should no longer have to suffer from the pain and misfortune of repo downtime. You can find the new repo address on the tutorials for installing our updated builds located on our builds page. if you have any issues with accessing it please get in contact with us, the old repo’s will display a notification page which will then redirect to our homepage.


The final and most important update is the new updated SkyHD build, version 1.0.8. This update is mainly just updating dead add-ons and removing junk. Check out the builds page to see all our builds and read up on how to install them from our new repo. Alternatively, check out or installation guide https://youtu.be/BQvQCAGk8X4. I hope you enjoy it and now we can get working on our new build.