I’ve decided to release the Sky HD Tv Guide for iVue. This is so you can have the guide but with your own build.

  •  A clean looking loading screen you will see every time you load into iVue TV Guide with this skin active.SkyHD TV guide
  • A fully customized iVue TVGuide skin made by MrKnowItAll for our ShyHD build but has been released separately as well for use in other personal builds. You will need to set up all channels to a source with this as this is simply a skin and not a ‘Build’SkyHD TV guide

Here is the TV Guide, as you can see it resembles a lot of the ‘Sky’ look we are going for whilst still remaining completely compatible with the program titles and descriptions shown at the top alot like the sky guide. Also the top left displays a picture of the program for most listing, for listing that do not have a picture to display then the default Sky logo will show up.

To download the skin the download button is below, there are instructions in the zip file on how to install but i will include them here in case you would like to read up first.


To Download:

Click Here To Download

To Install:

Copy/Move ‘Sky HD’ Folder to (Kodi Root) / Addons / Script.IvueGuide / Resources / Skins

Once you’ve placed the folder open up Kodi and go to:
‘My Add-Ons’
‘iVue Guide’
‘Guide Theme’

Now Select Sky HD From The Options And Click OK.

Click On iVue Guide Again And Select Run And It Should All Be Looking Sweet 🙂