Sky Que Sneak Peek

Sky Cinema Section


We’ve put together a couple of shots from our current WIP build, it coming together nicely and as with our previous (Sky HD) build things will continue to evolve even after we release our work. Please don’t ask for the link to download it as it is in no state to be used. Keep an eye on updates though as we will continue to post regular updates about the build. For anyone who has been trying to get in contact with us lately, please excuse the delayed response times as we are very busy sorting this out, anyway enough of this talking and let’s take a look at the screenshots.


With this set of new screen shots come the new Sky Cinema section for you to feast your eyes. In this update, you will see we have finalized the look of the menu selector, narrowed the main menu to the correct size and moved sub menu indicator over to the correct position (it was a few pixels out). We have added to sub menus into the cinema section, one for genres and the other for actors with over 60 actors setup exactly how they show up on the Sky Q menus. We have also altered how the widgets are loaded increasing the number of films and TV shows to show



Brief Update.

  • Setup the correct layout for coverart
  • increased amount of films shown
  • Set up Sky Cinema Section for each option to take you to the relative page the sources are pulled from
  • Perfected the menu selector
  • Created Genres & Actors sub menu
  • Probably more but I cannot remember)

*Please understand some features are subject to change and the final release may look completely different.


  • Welcome to the Sky Cinema Section, Here you’ll find all the films you’ve been dying to see laid out in a very simple manner.
  • Appon entering the section you will find yourself on the “New Premieres” Section, This is not the current Cinema Films (You’ll find them in the Sky Store section) but the latest released films in perfect quality.
  • Starting the Scroll down and we have the For You section, this is currently set up to show you the best films in the last 20 years but it may be changed to better reflect the name of this section
  • Returning favourites is a section full of some gems that you’ll probably find rather intriguing.
  • Next is Most Popular and as you could guess this is a list of the currently most popular films loading in a random order so they stay fresh.
  • The section made for us… But seriously in here will be all the Super hero movies, the source we have it pulling from is not great so this will be looked at and hopefully fix before release 
  • The Sky Store is the place for the latest and most popular Shows and Films, this will show up with this mix throughout the build in a few different sections as well as in the main menu.
  • All Time Greats is a section will some of the best films ever made, this section source is pulling incorrect information and will need to be fixed before release
  • Browse Genres might sound like an odd menu but inside it is a sub menu so to access it just click and you will see the nest screenshot…
  • Here we go inside the Browse Genres option and here is a list of different Genres for you to look through and find what you are looking for faster
  • Back into the Cinema menu we have Disney with all the disney films a child (Big and Small) co
  • Next is Actors and as with Browse Genres this little gem has over 40 Actors within its submenu identical to the SkyQ menus
  • Ultra HD is the next option and currently just set to current films so although the quality will be good some may not be in 4K. this may be fixable if a reliable addon is avalibe but for now it will be left like this
  • Missing the last two options as they have no content we have the All tab will a list of movies with no filter


and there we go, the end of the section. We have been working hard and although a lot of time has been wasting running around in circles (Not Literally) we have pressed on with the build and currently, as of writing this (shortly before posting) we have completely redesigned the Catch-Up TV, Sky Boxsets, Sky Cinema, Sky Store and the Help section. Also we have added in the Kids section with submenus. Also, we have implemented and Information section at the top of the screen to read all about the films and tv shows before you watch them. We are currently working on redesigning the Settings page to bring it in line with the build. Stay tuned for a nice big update on Sunday evening where we will release all the screenshots of how the build is currently looking.