Sky Que Sneak Peek

Sky Box Sets Section


We’ve put together a couple of shots from our current WIP build, it coming together nicely and as with our previous (Sky HD) build things will continue to evolve even after we release our work. Please don’t ask for the link to download it as it is in no state to be used. Keep an eye on updates though as we will continue to post regular updates about the build. For anyone who has been trying to get in contact with us lately, please excuse the delayed response times as we are very busy sorting this out, anyway enough of this talking and let’s take a look at the screenshots.


With this set of new screen shots come the new Sky Box Sets section for you to feast your eyes. in this update, we again have more than just the newly made section. We have set up the menus to show whether there is a sub menu in it like how it is shown on Sky Q, this is done by a second menu strip right next to the normal strip to show the fact there is another menu within. This has been implemented and can be seen in the first screen shot below. We have also removed the dark shadows from the top and bottom of the screen


Brief Update.

  • Removed top and bottom shadows on the screen
  • Added Sky Box Sets Section
  • Set up Sky Box Sets Section for each option to take you to the relative page the sources are pulled from
  • Added sub menu indicator
  • Fixed bug stopping you returning to the menus when browsing through a section
  • Added sub-sub menu label (You’ll see in the Box Sets Channels option)
  • Probably more but I cannot remember)

*Please understand some features are subject to change and the final release may look completely different.


  • On the homepage, the Sky Box Sets sections will show up like this
  • Entering into the Box Sets Section you will be landed on the Featured section with some top shows to browse through
  • Next option is Ultra HD, this is currently just set to popular but may well change if a source for UHD can be found
  • Next up is Drama, here you will find all the Drama box sets
  • Comedy section will show all the mildly funny shows
  • Factual for all the brainiacs out there
  • Sky Store is currently set to the popular although thus will probably change and be set to high rated popular shows
  • Sky Originals is link through to all the sky shows
  • Reality is set up for anyone who likes to watch pretend lives on TV
  • The kid’s section is set to show all the kiddies programs 
  • Art & Music and 3D have been skipped as we have no content in these yet. Channels will have a sub menu that is accessible by clicking (see the next screenshot) for all the TV networks)
  • Here is inside the sub menu, There is a long list of providers here to look through when deciding what to watch
  • All is as it says a list of all the TV shows.


Things have changed since these screen shots in this updated post as we have been working on this nonstop. We will next update you with the Sky Cinema section before going back over what we’ve changed in this section



*There are a few sections not shown as there are no sources to use yet, hopefully, we can get these sorted ready for release