Sky Que Sneak Peek

Catch Up TV Section


We’ve put together a couple of shots from our current WIP build, it coming together nicely and as with our previous (Sky HD) build things will continue to evolve even after we release our work. Please don’t ask for the link to download it as it is in no state to be used. Keep an eye on updates though as we will continue to post regular updates about the build. For anyone who has been trying to get in contact with us lately, please excuse the delayed response times as we are very busy sorting this out, anyway enough of this talking and let’s take a look at the screenshots.


With this set of new screen shots come the new Catch up TV section for you to feast your eyes on but for the extra sharp eye, you may notice more than just a new section. We have also spent time fiddling with the power menu, moving it to the bottom left corner and coding it to work appropriately. We have also set up the mini TV display to minimize to the correct position (To the left of the menu) and can be returned to full screen by highlighting the mini TV and clicking on it, making it a very clean and smooth experience to use.


Brief Update.

  • Coded in mini TV into the menu screens.
  • Added Catch Up TV Section
  • Set up Catch Up TV Section for each option to take you to the relative page the sources are pulled from
  • Moved Power Button
  • Removed Search Button
  • Removed Settings Button
  • Added Breadcrumbs Page Titles (as you see Catch Up TV Displayed on the submenu)
  • Probably more but I cannot remember)

*Please understand some features are subject to change and the final release may look completely different.


  • The Catch-Up TV section on the main menu
  • Entering into the Catch Up TV section you will be greeted to the Featured section with some random programs
  • Scrolling down to the BBC iPlayer
  • The ITV Hub
  • Channel fours All 4
  • Channel 5 On Demand
  • Sky 1 Programs
  • Sky Atlantic
  • Sky Arts
  • Sky News (Needs fixing as its showing the programs wrong)
  • FOX
  • The UKTV Play section features catch up sections from Dave, Drama, Really & Yesterday
  • W which for you out their that don’t know this is the new name for the channel Watch
  • UKTV Gold (Need to find a way to pull in more shows)
  • Comedy Central
  • The Syfy Channel
  • The TLC Channel
  • MTV on demand (Not the music channel)
  • E! also know as Entertainment Channel
  • ViceLand for who ever watching this
  • Lifetime
  • Star Plus
  • Discovery Channel
  • Nat Geo (Formerly National Geographic)
  • The History Channel
  • Crime and Investigation (Spelt Crime+Inv as it is in Sky Q)
  • Cartoon Network
  • Boomerang
  • Nickelodeon
  • Nicktoons
  • Disney XD
  • Disney Channel
  • Disney Junior
  • Nick Jr.


And that completes the Catch-Up TV section of our Sky Q Build. Stay tuned for more updates


*There are a few sections not shown as there are no sources to use yet, hopefully, we can get these sorted ready for release