Sky Que Kodi Skin

Alpha Release


PLEASE READ BEFORE INSTALLING: We are far enough along our journey to now be able to release our current work to allow you to see what it’s all about. This is not the final product nor is it in any way completed. You will find broken parts and missing sections and we cannot guarantee you will not break you Kodi setup by installing this. If you are still interested to try this out for yourselves then carry on reading and we will explain all. This will only work on Kodi 17 upwards. If you are using Kodi 16 or below do not attempt to install this as it will not work!


Required Addons

*Please understand some features are subject to change and the final release may look completely different.


  • Here is the TV Guide, this is skinned into the skin so using any PVR addon will result in this guide being used.  we have not created a SkyQ iVue skin but it is one of the many things we plan to have to go with the skin.
  • To start things off we’ve got the My Q section featuring up to 50 tv shows, films and sports that will display in a random order every time the build is loaded meaning you’ll have a fresh page of videos every time you want to look. This section will periodically update with new videos.
  • Up next is the Catch-Up TV section that has undergone a huge make over since the last time you would have seen it. It now resembles the proper look of the Sky Q layout with the same new layout within the sub-menu with the same providers you would have seen on our Catch Up TV preview.
  • Sky Box Sets has also seen an overhaul since the last sneak peek. Now boasting the correct layout with the Boxart on display and set out into a tightly pack grouping with the same layout within its submenus.
  • Pressing “i” or the info button will bring up the shows Title, Description and also the fanart in the background. This is the same across the build.
  • Next up is the Sky Cinema section that is now more densely packed than previously shown with the top option being a random film and the rest a list of pre configured films. The submenu features the same dense layout.
  • Next the Sky Store is laid out much like the Cinema section just it features a mixture of TV shows and movies for your enjoyment
  • The Sports section follows and here you’ll have access to an array of sporting highlight slit into categorises within the submenu so you can catch up on any sports you’ve missed out on. You won’t find any live sports channels here as you’ll have either access to the add-ons within the Online Videos section or you’ll have the live channels in the TV guide.
  • The Kids section is full of easily accessible content for kids of all ages with a sub menu featuring Kids Sky Cinema and Kids Channels you’ll easily have the little ones entertained
  • The music section is next and here you’ll find easy access to some of the latest tunes aswell as the great classics that everbody loves.
  • Online Videos is the next section and here you’ll have quick access to your recently used Video addons aswell as a sub menu to help you install new addons and easily find the ones you already have installed.
  • The Settings section will have it’s sub menu located to the side of it so you have quick access to anything you need and also you devices CPU and RAM usage shows at the bottom to help with troubleshooting. We also place the build information here so you’ll always know if you’re up to date.
  • Here the Help Section will contant helpful videos for fixing and tweaking the build. The current video you see is just a place holder.
  • Finally, the My Account section will just be a little information about the build and us.


We are just over 230 hours into this build and it is coming together beautifully. Let us know your thoughts on how it looks.


How To Install Sky Que for Kodi

(Yes you can install it straight over the top of our SkyHD build)

Here is the part you’ve all come to see.

  1. First, you need to make sure you have the repo set up in file manager so go into your file manager and add ‘’
  2. Now back out of the file manager and go into Add-ons, Click the box at the top to install new add-ons.
  3. Click install from zip and go to the source you have added.
  4. From there you will need to click on the ‘Alpha-Testing‘ section and then click on ‘skin.skyque-x.x.x’ (Currently at the time of writing will be 0.0.3).
  5. WAIT!!! Don’t worry or panic just wait, it may take up to about 5 minutes if our servers get busy but it will silently download in the background
  6. Once it has downloaded you will get a prompt to change to the skin, click yes and then click Yes again to confirm the change.
  7. You have now installed the new skin, you will need to make sure you have all the add-ons listed at the top of this page.



You may find there are a few odd things about the skin. Why have you got 2 TV Guides?? one is linked to use any PVR addons you are running whilst the other is linked to iVue guide. Go down to settings, Interface, Customise, Main menu Items. from here you can toggle on or off most of the menu items on the main menu and sub menus.


The help section is not in operation, there is simply one video (One of ours) as a place holder until we get some tutorials up nearer the full release of this skin.


If something is broken or needs amending post it on our Facebook page. We will have a post stickied at the top of our page to post issues regarding this skin.


We hope you enjoy the work we have currently done and stay tuned for more updated