Sky Que

Take A Sneek Peek


We’ve put together a couple of shots from our current WIP build, it coming together nicely and as with our previous (Sky HD) build things will continue to evolve even after we release our work. Please don’t ask for the link to download it as it is in no state to be used. Keep an eye on updates though as we will continue to post regular updates about the build. For anyone who has been trying to get in contact with us lately, please excuse the delayed response times as we are very busy sorting this out, anyway enough of this talking and let’s take a look at the screenshots.

*Please understand some features are subject to change and the final release may look completely different.


  • Up first is a nice simple Splashscreen that will present itself on every launch.
  • Once loaded you will be on the My Q menu option with some nice features to the right of it, currently set to show 1 random tv show and up to 6 movies and/or tv shows that you have started watching but not finished. 
  • Another shot of the MyQ menu selection scrolled down.
  • Next up is the TV Guide, We have not started work on skinning this, however, we plan to use IPTV Simple Client due to the speed and reliability of it. We will try to implement the guide straight onto the menu option, however, this may not be possible due to both issues with the coding and also hardware limitations on lower powered devices such as FireSticks.
  • We will miss out the Recordings Section as we have not done any work on it so Up next is the Catch Up TV section. This is still a very early version of what we want and we are hoping to implement a sub menu to allow for quick access to all the On demand networks.
  • As you can see we have a single random tv show to tickle your fancy and then we have the catch-up tv services such as iplayer and itv hub, you’ll see more in the next screen shot below.
  • Up next is the lovely Sky Box Sets section where you can find all your tv shows you need and want.
  • This section will have a coupe of TV shows you’ve started watching but haven’t finished and also a list of unwatched shows. As well as this there are category options to find the show you want. We may change a lot of how this section looks as it’s not quite right. Below is another shot lower down the page
  • Sky Cinema is the next option you have and here you will be able to find all the films you’re after easily, this section is focused more on the newer films
  • Below is more on this section showing the random selection of films for the people who just can’t find a film they want to watch.
  • Moving on you will come to the Sky Store. this section is more of a categorized section to help you find what you’re looking for easier
  • further down the page you will find the categories
  • Next is Sports but this hasn’t been touched on yet so Kids it is, this section is very bad. I am unsure of how to approach this so it will change dramatically once I figure out how it needs to look and what needs to be on it.
  • Next is Online Videos, on the sky box this would take you to the installed applications and that’s just what it’ll do on here. Effectively this is just a link to the add-ons but we may change it up a bit to make it more appealing
  • Settings is next and this is where we are a bit stuck on what way to go about it. we have the settings options appear on the right when hovering over the Settings option as you will see below
  • Then we have (what may be going in the bin) the true sky q like settings page you will get to when you click on the settings option which even once we fix it up will still have little function
  • VS what will probably be the final choice once you click on the settings option to bring you to this page
  • Now that dramas over you will then come to the Help option. We have decided that this is a perfect place for us to place How To videos so if you ever run into issues or problems just take a look in here and you should be able to fix the issues. This is currently just set up to our YouTube channel but will be switched over before the release
  • Finally the end of the road for this journey with the final shot below. This option is the My Account option, we could do 1 of 2 things with it. Either set it up as a switching users section or just keep it as our little brief section to stop all them thieves out there that like to steal our work.


I Hope you’ve enjoyed having a look around our work and if you’re still reading then thank you. This Sky Q project has taken 4 tries, (This is the fourth go) and we had wasted approximately 40hours on the previous 3 versions that just got stuck and binned and currently, this build has clocked up over 60hours including research, graphics, coding, error shooting, coffee making, publishing and there is a lot more to go. I reckon this project will take up to 200 hrs until it is ready for alpha release. Please do bear in mind that our “Builds” are like no others, we don’t just download a skin, load a bunch of add-ons on and package it ready to serve. Our SkyHD skin took approximately 250hrs before its alpha release and even then it was a mess. If you like our work and use it often then please do consider donating to us. We have large server costs and with little ad revenue due to the type of category, we fall into we need help.


Thank you to all of you out there that support us and keep us alive.