1. Navigate to the File Manager (Extras > Settings > File Manager)
  2. Click “Add Source”
  3. Type http://www.mrknowitall.xyz/icons/
  4. Label it XYZ Icons
  5. Select OK
  6. Add another source – This time you will type http://repo.ares-project.com/magic
  7. Label it magicrepo
  8. Select OK – this will update the Ares Wizard
  9. Press back
  10. Click “Add-Ons”
  11. Go down and click on “Install from zip file”
  12. Select magicrepo
  13. Go back, and select “Install from repo”
  14. Select the Ares Wizard Repo and choose “Video add-ons”
  15. Select “The Pyramid”
  16. Hit install
  17. Navigate to Interface Settings (Extras > Settings > Interface)
  18. Select “Configure Skin” on the right hand side. (Part of the “Skin” sub-menu on the left hand side which should be opened by default)
  19. Select “Configure Shortcuts” on the left hand side menu, then “Edit Menu Shortcuts” in the right hand panel
  20. Select whichever section you want to change – for this guise we will be selecting “Sports” on the left hand side
  21. Click “Change Shortcut” > “Add-On” > “Video Add-On” > “The Pyramid” > “Kids Zone” > “Disney Collection”
  22. Select “Create menu item to here”
  23. Select “Set Thumbnail” > “Browse” > “XYZ Icons”
  24. Select “tutorial-classic-disney-treasures.jpg”
  25. You then need to remove the sub-menu’s for the sport section, so go down to “Customize submenu”
  26. For each directory listed press delete
  27. Done!


A word of warning though – the list of Disney movies comes up blue. This can sometimes be hard to read depending on screen brightness etc. We unfortunately can’t change this as it’s down to the add-on not the build.