This guide will walk you through the steps needed to have access to a host of content including sky sports and sky cinema as well as on demand movies and tv shows for free.

  • Navigate your way to the right to an option called ‘SYSTEM‘ and press down to open the sub menu as shown in the image above. Click on ‘File Manager‘.Kodi-UKTVAgain-Step1
  • You will now be looking at the file manager, from here select ‘Add Source’ and a window will open up as shown in the image above. Select The box that says ” and type in ‘‘ and click done. Now you need to name the source so you don’t get confused at a later date, I would suggest naming it ‘fusion’ to make following guides in the future seamless. Once you have named it click ‘OK’ and you will notice ‘fusion’ (or whatever you have chosen to name it) appears in the file manager.Kodi-UKTVAgain-Step2
  • Back out of the File Manager and now select ‘SYSTEM’, this will open up the settings and from here select ‘Add-ons’ and choose the ‘Install from zip file”. now you will see all the files on the system. You should be able to see the ‘fusion’ file (or what ever name you gave it) you created earlier. Select ‘Fusion’, Then ‘Xbmc-repos’, Select ‘English’ and find the zip file called ‘’ ( the x’s will be numbers that will change as the file is updated). Click on the file and allow it to run and you will get a little box appear on the bottom left of your screen telling you it has been installed.Kodi-UKTVAgain-Step3
  • Now select ‘Install from repository’ and choose ‘ Addon Repository’, select ‘Video add-ons’ and scroll down when you find ‘Phoenix’ select it and choose ‘Install’.Kodi-Phoenix-Step4
  • Now you can back out of the settings all the way back to the home screen, from here go to ‘VIDEOS’ and press down to open up the sub menu and select ‘Add-ons’ and you will see ‘Phoenix’ will be there ready for you. Simply click to launch it.Kodi-UKTVAgain-Step5
  • That’s it. You’ve done it, Now it’s time to enjoy your hard work. Have fun.Kodi-Phoenix-Step6


*All information correct at time of writing

This guide was created for use on Kodi 16