If they have an Add-On

  1. Navigate to the File Manager (Extras > Settings > File Manager)
  2. Click “Add Source”
  3. Type in the address for the .zip file where you can download the add-on from and name it the name of the IPTV supplier
  4. Press back
  5. Click “Add-Ons”
  6. Go down and click on “Install from zip file”
  7. Select the IPTV subscriber you named in step 3
    1. If you are installing a repository which holds the add-on then you will need to follow these sub-steps
      1. Once the zip file is installed press back and click on “Install from repository”
      2. Select the repository that was installed (for example IPTVbyXYZ)
      3. Install the add-on following the instructions within the repo
  1. This should now have the add-on installed.
  1. Navigate back to the “add-ons” page, and select “my add-ons”
  2. Select your IPTV supplier and follow the steps within the add-on to sign in etc.
  3. Done!

If you need to add a M3U file

  1. Navigate to the “My Add-ons” page (Extras > Settings > Add-ons > My Add-ons > All)
  2. Select iVue Creator and run the add-on
  3. Select “Add / Remove M3U(s)
  4. Select “Add m3u playlist (don’t worry about the comment regarding f4m tester – this fantastic build already has it!)
  5. Click URL
  6. Type the URL for your M3U (I highly recommend if it is a long URL using tinyurl or bitly to shorten it!)
  7. Done

Adding the IPTV channels to the TV Guide

  1. Press Back, so you are looking at your list of all installed add-ons
  2. Navigate to “iVue Creator”
  3. Open this app
  4. Click Subscribe
  5. Navigate to the add-on you just installed
  6. Navigate within the add-on to the folder containing the Live TV IPTV channels
  7. When you have located the folder, hold your select button on the folder and click “Subscribe”
  8. Done!

If they have an EPG (Electronic Programme Guide)

  1. Press back, so once again, you are looking at your list of installed add-ons
  2. Select the add-on called “iVue TV Guide”
  3. Select “Configure”
  4. Go down to “Source” on the left hand sidebar, then select XMLTV Type on the right hand panel
  5. Scroll to the bottom and select “Custom file”
  6. Press OK
  7. Select XMLTV Source (which will change through options for local files, URLs etc.) until it’s on URL
  8. Click XMLTV URL
  9. Type in the URL for the EPG (I highly recommend if it is a long URL using tinyurl or bitly to shorten it!)
  10. Press OK at the bottom
  11. Done